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"Small Apocalypses"

to disclose, reveal, or uncover

from ἀποκαλύπτω (apokaluptō)

the conjunction of ἀπό (apō) and καλύπτω (kaluptō)

καλύπτω, to conceal or cover up, to hide away

to become befogged or enshrouded

to be unclear, ambiguous, disputed

not unrelated to Καλυψώ (Kalypsō), the sea nymph who hides herself away

deceiving Odysseus

sometimes called Ατλαντίς (Atlantis), also the name of a sunken island that can't be found

and ἀπό

cognate of the Latin ab, as in abnormis, to deviate from the rule

related to ἀνωμαλία (anōmalia), meaning not or no longer the same

anomalous or uneven

ἀπό, away from, to be an exception, excluded, cut apart, pushed aside

a free-floating signifer with many functions

(see also ἀποθέωσις [apotheosis], quite literally "apart from the gods," but which means to become one)

and so ἀποκάλυψις (apokalupsis)

a sudden disclosure

transforms into Church Latin apocalypsis, meaning revelation

modern secular usage, a cataclysm or catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude

modern secular usage, blotting out the many small apocalypses

that reform the trajectories of each day