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skintalking with the squids

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Consider the following as possible avenues of future expansion into heretofore neglected target markets:

  1. binary state tattoos, chemically activated via either oral or topical supplements, rendering them visible or invisible at will, subject to client-side economic inputs;
  2. tattoos maintained or updated on a subscription-only basis, where the subscription in question supplies monthly or weekly booster shots that prevent the tattoo from disappearing (lose interest, let your subscription expire – seek alternative service providers in case of dissatisfaction);
  3. alternative fee structures and exotic payment formats, such as a prominent logo tattoo that reconfigures itself into the desired design after the contractual period ends;
  4. migratory or motile tattoos (e.g., schools of koi swarming over the host body);
  5. ablife tattoos that breed and crossbreed independently in accordance with complex genetic algorithms and micro-AI pareidoliac subjects, generating radical designs specifically tailored to the host body;
    1. the capacity for ablife tattoos to migrate across host bodies, halting inbreeding depressions
  6. functional tattoos (e.g., “embodied cloud” data storage, living encryption modules, host-based multiplatform application development, security services)


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imagine the microcrossfertilization b/w living (synthetic) organism's survivalist cleverness and the probably-malware/spam-like operations of such a business model/market. skin glitched & hazed by cellular-automata decay products, geometrically spreading glider-gun breakouts, ragged drifts of partially-deleted symbolic debris – weird integrations & symbioses with endogenous skin ecologies show up: invasive Sierpinski & Mandelbrot ()skins contracted from an early wave of bluntly coded popular tattoo-fractals appear to be medically irreversible; on the plus side, more than a quarter of those affected can manifest (more or less context-sensitive) camouflage functions. Smarter parents already begin to suspect that the current pulse of rising adolescents are increasingly capable of fully nonverbal (haptovisual) skincomms. no doubt their elders find this quite unnerving, not least because a large chunk of their older siblings are currently in open warfare with the necrogerontocracies... no one is yet expecting what will happen when these kids start skintalking with the squids.

//end transmission